Acura Problems

problems rank undefinedth in complaint volume out of the 20 topics we're tracking. complaints have been sent in with owners having the most trouble.

Watch Out for These Lawsuit Problems

  1. HandsFreeLink Drains Battery

    While most cars nowadays come with some sort of hands-free calling system, it wasn't that long ago that it was considered to be a luxury feature. Certain 2004 Acura vehicles were among the first to get a Bluetooth-enabled system for connect... 

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In the News


  • MDX and RDX Lawsuit Says SUVs Can Suddenly Lose Power

    A lawsuit alleges that the 2016-2020 MDX and RDX continue to randomly lose engine power, nearly a year after a possibly related fuel pump recall. And proving it to a mechanic is nearly impossible as the power almost always comes back on and the vehicle acts like nothing ever happened. The plaintiffs believe Acura should expand the scope of previous fuel injection engine control unit software updates.

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  • Transmission Problem Sparks Lawsuit

    2015 Acura TLX owners want to know why their transmissions jerk and hesitate so much. It's a fair question. When you spend $35k+ on a car, you usually do so with the assumption that the transmission will be able to make it's way from 1st to 4th gear without acting like a washing machine filled with bricks.

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