TSB Addresses Excessive Oil Consumption Concerns in Acura Engines

When it comes to excessive oil consumption, Acura’s stance has consistently been “check your oil more often, because this is totally normal.” Well, they might be loosening that view with the release of TSB #18-009.

The bulletin, titled Engine Oil Consumption Exceeds Client Expectations, acknowledges that oil control rings may be getting clogged with carbon deposits in certain vehicles. The deposits then get in the way when the oil is trying to return to the crankcase, resulting in consumption levels much higher than owners are expecting.

Low oil levels can cause engine damage, so the TSB advises service departments to disassemble the engine for a visual inspection if the oil consumption test shows excessive … uh, consumption. The corrective action is to replace the pistons, piston pins, rings and spark plugs.

The TSB covers all trim and VIN ranges of the 2010-2013 MDX, 2011-2012 RL, 2009-2014 TL, 2010-2013 ZDX.

Note: Acura revised the TSB to #B18-009 on June 2nd, 2018 to update some part numbers. At the time this ness post was released you can see a copy of the revised TSB on urvi.net. If you own one of the mentioned vehicles and have concerns, write down the TSB number of print it out and bring it your local Acura dealer.