2nd Generation MDX (2007—2013)

Owners of the 2nd generation MDX have sent in 93 complaints over 7 model years. The overall PainRank™ of 4.23 ranks 28th in reliability out of 35 Acura generations.

Problems to Expect with the 2007—2013 MDX

MDX owners generally have the most trouble with electrical problems, followed by the engine and accessories - interior.

  1. HandsFreeLink Drains Battery

    While most cars nowadays come with some sort of hands-free calling system, it wasn't that long ago that it was considered to be a luxury feature. Certain 2004 Acura vehicles were among the first to get a Bluetooth-enabled system for connect... 

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  2. Excessive Oil Consumption

    Changed your oil recently? I'm guessing you think you’re good to go for another 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on the oil you’re using. V6 owners better think again. 

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  3. Acura's Very Uncomfortable Seats

    Let's not sugar coat this, the headrest design in certain Acura vehicles is crippling. Seriously, Acura must have hired a spine specialist for advice on seat design ... and then gone with the exact opposite. 

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Complaints by Year

2007 21
2008 7
2009 18
2010 12
2011 17
2012 10
2013 8

This Generation in the News


  • HansFreeLink Lawsuit Survives Dismissal of Claims

    Despite a judge ruling that certain warranty and consumer protection claims aren't applicable, the HandsFreeLink battery drain lawsuit will be allowed to continue on the claim that the automaer concealed possible defects.

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  • Some Acuras are Detecting Collisions That Aren't There

    The 2014–15 Acura MDX and RLX have a 'collision mitigation braking system' that watches the road and hits the brakes if you’re about to crash. And that’s great when you’re about to slam into somebody’s bumper, less so when the system gets confused by a shiny guardrail that’s 100 feet away.

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